Thank you for choosing Imagine Pediatric Therapy World. We look forward to meeting you and your family! Prior to your child’s first session, please download, print, and complete the Case History form and bring it to your first appointment. Forms can be emailed or mailed upon request as well.

Click here to download Case History form

If your child has received speech and language services in the past, please bring a copy of any prior evaluation reports that can help us better serve and diagnose your child.

 What does an evaluation typically look like?

New evaluations typically take about one hour. Parents and caregivers are welcome to come into the therapy room to observe the evaluation or wait in the waiting room. Therapists will speak with you regarding your concerns and your child’s development as well as observe your child to assist them in selecting an appropriate assessment. Standardized assessments, parent interview, clinical observation through play and conversation, and informal measures may be utilized to assist in determining your child’s speech and language needs.


We look forward to meeting you!


Please call our office at (208)467-1069 to schedule an appointment.